Breathing Washi paper frame


Size: Height 15 cm, width 15 cm, height 1.5 cm
Contents: Japanese paper, cypress

The artist hangs a strand of Japanese paper twisted into a wooden frame and hangs it in various patterns. The fiber of kouzo, the raw material of Japanese paper, is made into the base of the strand.

The elaborate frames are made by craftsmen who work on fittings for shrines and temples.
The delicate washi is floated and stretched on the wall, casting gentle shadows.

The soft presence of handcrafted natural materials is emitted
Washi paper frames will make the hearts of those who see them feel at ease.
We hope you will enjoy it at home.

The raw material of Washi, Kozo (paper mulberry), is loaded with zeolite, which has the ability to adsorb water molecules and gas molecules, and “breathing Washi” has been developed and used.

Please handle it with care as it is a very delicate item.
If you are concerned about the bending of the washi, we recommend spraying it with a mist of water.
Please note that incense, incense sticks, etc. may cause yellowing of the washi.

Please understand that you may have to wait for the delivery of your order due to stock.

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