Louis Vuitton Fukuoka

Louis Vuitton
Fashion and luxury brand shops
Fukuoka, Japan

Interior of the Louis Vuitton store for the Tenjin Daimaru store in Fukuoka.

The sliding doors, installed as space dividers, were made with custom Japanese paper.

They are decorated with a partitioned pattern using an NC router, with washi sandwiched in between.

The washi was made to particular specifications with the cooperation of Izumi-Kanagami artisans, who created about 15 washi patterns in different colors, such as green and white, of different thicknesses and materials contained inside. The most appropriate paper was selected by the designers and randomly applied and inserted into the sliding door.

The sliding door, with its unusual design and mixture of modernity and Japanese taste, is an eye-catcher in the elegant decoration of the store.