Louis Vuitton Matsuyama

Louis Vuitton
Fashion and luxury brand shops
Matsuyama, Japan

Decoration of the Louis Vuitton store in the Iyotetsu Takashimaya department store.
A custom wire hanging pattern, suitable for the interior of the store, was designed and made with a designer.

It is made by hanging koyori washi wires on the nails, overlapping randomly on the wires hung in a grid, on a nail pitch of 15mm.

A new wooden frame was created to make the washi tapestry fit the large windows of the spacious store. Its size of 4000mm x 1700mm produced the largest size of Japanese paper to date.

The nail pitch was reduced to 20 mm and the spacing between the threads was widened to give the washi a more open design.

Wherever possible, the installation method was to sandwich and secure the top and bottom of the paper between the wood pieces to prevent the paper from sagging.