KAI Hat & Head-piece Competition 2024 – Notice of Participation of Yukari Sato as a Jury Member.

Hosted by the global cutlery manufacturer KAI, I have been honored to serve as a judge for the third KAI Hat & Head-piece Competition 2024.

In the past, innovative headpieces with Japanese taste, such as those made from Japanese paper or woven straw, have been awarded. I will be responsible for evaluating the structure and expressive power of the works as art pieces.

In previous competitions, graphic designers have also received awards, and KAI seems to expect entries from various fields.

Fashion, as it has evolved, is a comprehensive art that transcends the boundaries of materials, design, craftsmanship, and art, and I feel that there is no separation from the areas of craft and design in which I work.

(Of course, specific technical aspects, including apparel technology, will be thoroughly evaluated by the head judge, Nobuki Hizume, who has been awarded the French National Best Craftsman Award.)

I started by getting involved in fashion, and have developed an interest in and learned from various fields including design, craft, art, and digital technology, connecting them to my work with Japanese paper. It is a great joy to encounter unknown works that emerge from beyond traditional boundaries.

I look forward to encountering the unknown creations crafted by everyone.

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Announcement: Participation of Yukari Sato as a Judge