The new project No LABO has started!

We have started a “laboratory”, which was mentioned in the AXIS interview as future development.

In 2020, we will install the latest 3D printers and laser cutters in our workshop, and enhance the function of the Fab Lab (a workshop with various machine tools) to more actively promote the use of digital fabrication, which has been our focus up to now. No LABO has been enhancing the functionality of the Fab Lab in order to promote the use of digital fabrication, which has been a focus of the company up to this point.

No LABO is a new project by Rikuu and Terada3Dworks, which already has a proven track record from collaborations between digital technology and handmade washi paper to the use of digital technology to produce puppets for the Awa Ningyo Joruri puppet show.

By rethinking various existing materials and technologies, including traditional crafts, from a different perspective, and combining them with other new materials and technologies, Rikudou and Terada3Dworks will balance both analog and technology, and reconstruct the appeal and value that can be discovered in new ways.

We also aim to circulate this knowledge to the next generation of makers by developing educational programs as “traditional crafts x STEAM education” and “manufacturing x STEAM education.

In an ongoing project, we are proposing to an aromatherapy brand a design that is both convenient and decorative, such as an aroma stone that is aromatized by dropping essential oil onto it and a Japanese paper diffuser, which is suitable for small-lot production of unique design molds using a 3D printer. The use of a 3D printer is suitable for creating unique design molds in small lots.

We also accept requests for the development and production of products, novelties, and further ideas… Please contact us for more information.

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