Breathing washi mobile – Straight type


Straight type
Size: Small φ6(cm) x 3 pieces, medium φ10(cm) x 2 pieces
Contents: Washi paper, tegushi, kashime

Weave the Japanese paper like we do lace.
Threaded one by one, the “Kannon-sui”, one of the 100 best water in Japan.

We will bring a gentle, clear breeze blowing through the mountains to your room.
The gentle and clear wind blows through the mountains.

The raw material of washi, Kozo, is mixed with zeolite, which has the ability to adsorb water molecules and gas molecules.
Zeolite, which has an adsorption function for water molecules and gas molecules, is loaded onto Kozo, the raw material for Japanese paper.
This paper is a “breathing Washi” developed and used in our products.

  • The lace parts of Washi paper have several patterns of design.
    Please note that the finished products will be different from each other because they are all handmade.
  • Please refrain from hanging it in a place where it is exposed to strong wind.
  • Please do not use incense or air fresheners, or use them in living spaces or offices where people spend a lot of time.
    Please note that the color of the washi may change if used with incense or air fresheners, or in living spaces or offices where people spend a lot of time.
  • Please handle it with care as it is a very delicate item.

Please understand that you may have to wait for the delivery of your order due to stock.

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