Announcement of Requ Textile Paper Exhibition

The exhibition started on January 30 at Mino Washi no Sato Kaikan in Gifu Prefecture.

Rikuu Textile Paper Exhibition” Dates: January 30 (Thu) – March 9 (Mon), 2020

Venue: Mino Washi Japanese Traditional Paper Museum

The Mino Washi Museum is one of the largest producers of washi in Japan and was selected as a UNESCO Intangible Heritage Site in 2014.

The Mino region’s attitude of moving forward while maintaining a balance between preserving craftsmanship and innovation cannot help but make one feel the depth of Mino’s nostalgia. We are grateful for the opportunity to exhibit in such a sacred place for washi, and we have taken on the great challenge of creating a number of new works.

Textiles are woven fabrics made by weaving threads into a weft or warp or by dyeing. We hope you will enjoy Rikuu’s textile papers, which look like woven fabrics.