Event announcement

TAKUMI CRAFT CONNECTION -KYOTO by LEXUS “NEW TAKUMI PROJECT” will bring together the works of about 150 artisans from 47 prefectures selected over the three years since 2016, when I joined the project.

My work 3D Washi paper lighting “Dress” is also exhibited.

Unfortunately, I will not be at the exhibition, but if you are in the neighborhood, please drop by.

TAKUMI CRAFT CONNECTION -KYOTO by LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT- 150 people from 47 prefectures. Three days of young craftsmen’s skills and sensibility. ~”

Date: November 29 (Fri.) – December 1 (Sun.)

Venue: JAPAN connection = B1F of Kyoto Shimbun Building / CREATORS connection = Heian Jingu Gunden (picture hall) / KYOTO connection = (inside Ryoshokuin Kenninji Temple)

The works of about 150 young craftsmen from all over Japan who have been supported through the “LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT” started in 2016 will be exhibited in Kyoto. The event will be held at venues in Kyoto City under the titles of “JAPAN connection,” “CREATORS connection,” and “KYOTO connection. Kundo Koyama, supervisor of the “LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT,” will serve as overall supervisor, while architect Kengo Kuma will direct the venue and exhibition space.