Washi paper vase for a single flower – Cocoon


Mayu Mayu
Size: Height 12.5cm, Diameter 2.5cm
Contents: vase, test tube, pushpin, instruction manual

-3D Printing × Washi Paper
A collaboration of digital technology and handicrafts.
The shapes are printed out with nylon material using a 3D printer and then made three-dimensionally one by one with “Breathing Washi Paper”.
The vase has a neat and elegant atmosphere.
It can be hung on the wall with a thin pin or with your favorite thread.

-Breathing Washi – Japanese paper
The raw material of Washi, “Kozo”, is mixed with zeolite, which has the function of absorbing water molecules and gas molecules. This is the “Breathing Washi” developed and used in our products.

-3D printing
The structure that serves as the foundation for making washi is created using a 3D printer.
We modeled the shape of threads intertwining three-dimensionally
The modeling was done at the limit of the fineness that can be output with a 3D printer.

  • Please handle it with care as it is a very delicate item.

Please understand that you may have to wait for the delivery of your order due to stock.

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