Design meets O - Tenmaya Okayama Main Store

Design meets O
Event, Department stores
Okayama, Japan

“Sharpened beauty in traditional crafts.
A sense of the future unleashed by technology.
A new form of design born from a timeless tradition…

Based on this concept, the event, which Requ helped decorate, presented a range of sophisticated products representing the next generation of craftsmanship by combining design and technology.

Nami (“wave” in Japanese) created an ambitious piece for the main entrance, made of Japanese paper on expanded metal on a curved wooden frame.

An accastilage craftsman attached the cypress planks with a template, then folded and glued several of them into an S shape to create a thick, four-sided frame.

The wooden frame containing the S-folded expanded metal is carefully stretched thinly and repeatedly into a water tank filled with kozo to complete the process.

By straining the kozo in the precise pattern of an industrial product, the artist has managed to add random natural shapes.

The frames are hung and used as decoration, but we also wanted to propose a form in which the long side is placed horizontally and used as an impulse support to divide a space.