Nissan ARIYA Delivery Ceremony

Ceremony, Event
Yokohama, Japan

Direction / T2 Creative
Construction/ Branco

This work represents the moment when a beautiful butterfly, Nissan’s new EV ARIYA, emerges from its cocoon.
The design concept of ARIYA is rooted in Japanese sensibilities.
The superficial beauty of the hand craftsmanship of this work is expressed in the exterior design, and the spirituality of Japanese culture that blurs the boundary between the inside and outside of the shoji screens is expressed as a metaphor for technology that uses digital and AI to connect the inside and outside of the vehicle, blurring the boundaries between the two.
In order to express the “beauty of electric power,” a parametric design was used to create a shape that gives a futuristic impression.

Washi production process
Various design patterns and textures are created by nailing nails at equal intervals on the wooden frame and hanging washi threads on them.
The wooden frame is submerged in a water tank in which kozo (paper mulberry) is melted and then lifted up, so that a thin layer of kozo is placed on the frame.
The kozo is then lifted out and its thin layer is placed on the frame creating a natural design pattern.

Frame Production Process
The parametric frame has been created by 3D design.
Several patterns of washi were pasted onto the frame and developed as a surface to give it expression.
The process and method itself were designed to incorporate ARIYA’s ARTBOX concept.
A fusion of computational design and handwork.
The reconstruction of the relationship between inside and outside by ARIYA’s AI technology overlaps with Japanese sensibility in its characteristic of blurring the boundary between inside and outside without completely dividing the paper.