ISETAN Shinjuku Art Frame

Shinjuku Isetan
Department stores
Tokyo, Japan

“Washi tokonoma”(alcove made of Japanese paper)

According to one theory, an alcove was a place where monks placed Buddhist statues and other objects in the Asuka period (710-794), and the floor of shoin-style house was considered the high seat of a noble person.
Times have passed, and today it is a place where one can admire calligraphy, antiques and other works of art and enrich one’s life.
In the midst of glamorous people coming and going in the glittering stores of the city, people’s gazes suddenly stop as a quiet space is created in the midst of them.
By using clothes as hanging scrolls, the tokonoma (alcove) becomes a space to appreciate the art of clothing.
The tokonoma, a simple and slender form that gives off a calm and soft light thanks to the presence of Japanese paper material.
This is the purpose of creating these art frames, decorated in two places, one with a beautiful image and the other with an elegant image.

Since the frames were installed during the sakura (cherry blossom) season in early spring, a 3D printer was used to create a three-dimensional mesh of the flowers.

The vases in the alcove are made of nylon resin using a 3D printer, and the surface is made of kozo, the raw material used to make washi paper.