JOSEPH Tokyo Midtown

Fashion brand shop
Tokyo, Japan

JOSEPH THE STORE Decoration of the Roppongi Midtown store.

LACE STORY”, a Japanese space created by washi designer Yukari Sato, developed on the concepts of “harmony” and “white”.

The store was decorated with a washi tapestry in the window, inspired by “lace items perfect for spring”, and mobiles assembled with tegus.

The tapestry uses a koyori washi paper pattern hung in a lattice and cotton threads hung randomly.
Aware of the lightness of the lace, the amount of koyori paper used in the vat was reduced and the process was repeated many times so that the paper was made in a light, thin layer.

The decoration made of Japanese paper mobiles creates a pop and light atmosphere as if the delicate Japanese paper lace was evenly aligned and floating in the space.

For Yukari Sato, who originally worked in the fashion industry, this was her first project involving this industry in the production of washi paper, and it was an exciting and rewarding challenge.