Tsukiji Sushi dai - Marina Mandarin Hotel

Marina Mandarin Hotel
Hotel, VIP room

Conception / MISO

The interior of Tsukiji Sushi Dai, a restaurant that offers authentic sushi, is located in Singapore’s luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Marina Square, near Marina Bay.

Washi paper was used mainly in the VIP room, made of glass in a circle shape.

Dozens of washi tapestries required a production that lasted more than six months.
The pattern is elegant: cotton threads hang in a lattice and koyori paper hangs diagonally.

Two rows of tapestries were hung along the glass of the VIP room so that guests inside could see out, but could not be seen from outside.

The texture of the paper warmly envelops the VIP space, giving guests the feeling of being wrapped in a cocoon.