Washi paper vase for a single flower – Truss


**Size/Height:** 12 cm
**Diameter:** 2.5 cm
**Material/Content:** Kōzo (paper mulberry), PLA (plant-based resin), test tube

3D Printing × Washi Paper

**Collaboration of Digital Technology and Handcraft**
A single-flower vase crafted by meticulously laminating [breathing washi paper] over a shape 3D printed using plant-based resin.

**- 3D Printed Base -**

To enhance the unique texture of the washi paper, a special mesh structure is designed using 3D technology and optimized for beautiful 3D printing output. The durability is improved by intertwining the washi’s kōzo fibers with the mesh structure, and production is environmentally friendly as only the necessary amount is made.

**- Breathing Washi Paper -**

This washi is infused with ‘zeolite,’ which is expected to provide humidity control and deodorizing functions and help prevent sick building syndrome. This washi, characterized by its functionality and light, translucent appearance, is called [breathing washi paper].

**□ How to Use**

You can hang it on the wall with a pin or suspend it with your favorite string. Avoid using it in areas where it will be exposed to strong winds.

**□ Precautions**

As it is a delicate paper product, please be careful not to apply too much force or let it get too wet. To prevent damage to the washi fibers, handle gently. If the fibers become fuzzy, you can smooth them down by misting them with water.

**【Shipping Information】**
Shipping is usually handled within 5 days (excluding weekends and holidays). We use methods like Click Post, which do not allow specifying delivery dates. If you have any preferences, please contact us before purchasing, and we can change to services like Yamato Transport (additional shipping fees apply).

Please note that shipping may be delayed due to the handmade nature of the product. Thank you for your understanding.

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