The Intercontinental Yokohama Pier8

The Intercontinental Hotel

Management / WAO.

Decoration of a luxury hotel. Wooden frame, based on the concept of “sea and travel”.
Delivered to the lounge exclusively for club room and suite guests.

UNERI, which was selected for the Kanazawa World Craft Competition, is expressed as a structural continuum of HP shells, and the process of developing the line to the surface is expressed by making multiple layers of Kozo, one of the raw materials of Japanese paper.

The work incorporates some of the modern concepts used in architecture, engineering, and software in the field of craftsmanship, such as modularity and unitization of pieces to give them scalability.

The indigo-dyed gradations applied to the surface of the washi paper mimic different expressions of the sea, from shallow to deep water, and the three works are part of a series.
The indigo dyeing was simulated using computer graphics. Repeated tests were conducted before the actual production.

Modern life, based on technology, is constantly changing like the swell of a wave.
By letting nature take its course in the making of Kozo (paper mulberry) on a grid of threads designed with digital technology, the work expresses the coexistence of technology and the ambiguous and rich emotions of human beings.